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Keovisouk Dalasane

Managing Partner

Keovisouk Dalasane (Keo) is one of Lao PDR’s leading entrepreneurs. He is passionate about helping businesses, employees, aspiring entrepreneurs, and youth to unleash their potential in their areas of interest.  Keo is especially keen to provide business mentorship to new start-ups and to help established businesses adopt the start-up thinking that’s essential to their continued growth in a rapidly-changing business environment.

In addition to being Katalyst’s Managing Partner, Keo is the founder of the first full-fledged human resources business in Laos - 108JOB. As a champion for youth empowerment and entrepreneurship, Keo is also actively involved in promoting startups and youth leadership through the Youth Empowerment Scheme, Startup Weekend, the Career Readiness Workshop and seminars in various educational institutes. He is regularly invited to join panel discussions on all of these issues.  

Keo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Bangkok University, Thailand, graduating with first class honors, a Master’s degree in Economics from Waseda University  in Tokyo, and undertook research as a PhD student at Tokyo’s National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Tokyo. He speaks five languages: Lao, Thai, English, Chinese, and Japanese.  


Khamhou Phanludeth


Khamhou Panduleth (Tou) believes that behind any great achievement lies significant personal mastery and reinvention. A student of life, Tou’s mission is to share his learnings and discoveries with others to impact their lives, their businesses, and their careers in the most positive way possible. He’s also one of the most uplifting and energetic people you could ever meet!

As well as being Katalyst’s founding partner and the lead trainer for the Lao language version of our seminars and workshops, Tou is the co-founder of Lao New Wave Cinema Group, a company that prides itself on being a revitalizing force in modern-day Lao cinema and film-making. Tou’s background gives him first-hand experience of how a growth mindset and strategic innovation can help any business thrive.

Tou twice received scholarships to pursue his studies in Australia in architecture and graphic design and his willingness to accept new challenges led him to be awarded Best Actor in the Lao Entertainment Awards 2012 for his role in the groundbreaking film “At the Horizon.” He divides his time between creative work in graphic design, acting, learning facilitation, and his family.


Tony Campbell

Chief Training Officer

For more than 35 years, Tony has been designing and delivering highly interactive and engaging workshops and seminars that help people and businesses unlock their true potential. He has delivered programs in Australia, Europe, North America, and across Asia, but now he’s based in Lao PDR. As Katalyst’s Chief Training Officer, he’s dedicated to bringing the best of the world’s ideas, insights, and approaches to people and businesses throughout the country to ensure their success.

Tony believes that knowledge isn't power - it's only potential power, and that it's action that changes everything. That’s why Tony creates programs that combine the latest knowledge with a highly practical focus to create unique learning experiences that truly make an impact. 

Tony holds degrees in Economics and Law from the Australian National University and is the author of Writing for Clients, Delegation and Supervision Essentials, Feedback that Works, Time and Workload Management, Managing Upwards, and Negotiation Essentials, a suite of courses  published in the US by Quimbee.

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